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Regenerative Medicine & Plastic Surgery

By. Dr. Steven K. White

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Plastic surgery is like many other facets of the medical field/industry in that things are always changing, improving, and advancing.  With those changes come new ideas, new technology, and new scientific processes for both procedure and healing.  For plastic surgery, one of those advancement areas is regenerative medicine and “exosomes” in particular.

Regenerative Medicine:

Regenerative Medicine is a branch of research in tissue engineering and molecular biology that deals with replacing or regenerating human cells, tissues and even organs.  At Carolina Coastal Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa, Regenerative Medicine (RM) is a rising adjunct to our major, minor and medical spa services.  It has quickly become a popular request among patients who have been doing research on the latest in plastic surgery trends.  So why RM? In plastic surgery one of the most important aspects of patient satisfaction is how they recover and RM is considered a “booster” for wound healing, fast recovery, and improved outcomes.

RM & Exosomes:

Exosomes are the very reason why patients are seeing such amazing results.  Exosomes, in layman’s terms are stem cell particles.  They are regenerative biologics that activate and enhance the body’s natural healing processes, and exponentially help in recovery.  According to Dr. Steven K. White, “I have personally seen a patient, who received three vials of exosomes, undergo eight hours of procedures covering many aspects of the body, and in recovery she was pain free, swelling was at a minimum, no narcotics, and anesthesia recovery was rapid.  She left after three days to return to Canada.”

The advantage of exosomes over stem cells are they require no in-office harvest procedure.  You can store them in a standard freezer.  There is no risk of malignant transformation because they carry no DNA.  So, there is no risk of graft versus host disease.  Exosomes are important in acute, chronic, and non-healing wounds; improve skin quality, diminish scar formation from trauma and surgery, and improve quality and enhancement of hair growth.  We offer several modalities to deliver exosomes to the skin, such as pro fractional laser resurfacing, micro needling, and direct injection.  We also offer the Plasma Pen.

In short, RM is here to stay and is advancing quickly throughout the world, we’re proud to be on the forefront of these changes.  I have been travelling to places where it is most popular to train and understand the best uses to include South America, the United States, Europe and more.  As such, RM has become very popular in our plastic surgery center and medical spa.  Exosomes are now a valid, important tool offering exciting potential in aging, healing and also slowing down the process of aging.

How much does it cost?

Good question, but that all depends on exactly what you chose to do with RM and exosomes.  Our team can discuss your options with you during your consultation.  Each and every patient has an individual, personalized consultation with Dr. Steven K. White to determine what their goals are.  From there, a customized procedure is mapped out and you will be given a cost analysis from our Patient Care Coordinator.  We do not have set prices on many of our procedures due to the customization that is required for each patient.  Dr. While and his team will walk you through your options and show you where RM and exosomes could be part of your procedure.  This includes major procedures as well as minor procedures and those which take place in our medical spa.

To find out more about the regenerative medicine and exosomes, visit our website: www.carolinacoastalplasticsurgery.com or call for a consultation 843-448-9977.  Remember, at Carolina Coastal Plastic Surgery Center and Medical Spa, you imagine and we create!

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