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CCPS Hires a new Patient Care Coordinator

We’re spicing things up a bit here at Carolina Coastal Plastic Surgery Center and Medical Spa.  We have a new Patient Care Coordinator (PCC). While she’s new to the position, it’s not her first rodeo here at CCPS in this role.  Tori Butts has worked at CCPS for more than a decade and she has been our PCC before. She has also led our surgical staff in the office and after several years dedicated solely to the operating room; she’s excited to jump back in the PCC role.  In addition to being our PCC, she is also our Director of Surgical and Clinical Services.

A bit about Tori:

Tori’s hometown is Conway, South Carolina so she’s a local gal who knows the area like the back of her hand.  She’s a college graduate of Horry-Georgetown Technical College where she completed the surgical technologist program.  She has more 16 years of medical and surgical experience. Outside of work you may run into Tori at Thomas Gymnastics where she helps out with the Thomas team.  Both her daughters are very talented gymnasts. Tori’s other half, Amos Collins is no stranger in the Myrtle Beach and Charleston communities either. Amos was a professional MMA fighter and today you can find him kicking people’s butts into shape as a fitness professional.   

So what does a PCC do?

A patient care coordinator does just that, cares for our patients but in a very specialized way.  From the moment you contact the business requesting more information about a procedure, Tori is the person who will contact you and begin the discussion about your goals.  She is also going to help get you booked for a consultation if that’s your desire. Once your consultation date arrives, she and Dr. White will meet with you during your consultation.  Following the consultation, Tori prepares a customized patient quote for you based on your consultation discussion with Dr. White. She will send you that quote and want to go through it with you to answer any and all questions that you may have.  Then when you’re ready to book, she will go over all the next steps and will be with you for your entire procedure process from beginning to end. She will even be checking on you as you recover and come in for your post-op visits.

The role of a PCC is to be very caring, informative, and accessible to you as the patient.  She’s there for you every step of the way. 

How can you benefit from talking with Tori?

We are very lucky to have Tori back as our PCC because she brings a very rare and important element to the PCC role.  Since she has been side by side with Dr. White for years in the operating room, she knows every procedure that he performs inside and out and can tell you exactly what to expect.  She is a surgical specialist and the exact person you want to speak with. She can share everything from how long a procedure could potentially take to what recovery is like. She is in constant contact with Dr. White and can provide you with the most specific procedure information and is incredibly responsive and detailed.

So if you’re considering a procedure and want to speak with Tori to book a consultation or ask a question, you can reach her by emailing: [email protected] or by calling: 843.448.9977

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