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Breast reduction

Smaller & Lighter Breasts

Breast reduction surgery (reduction mammoplasty) removes fat, glandular tissue, and excess skin from large, pendulous breasts, making them smaller, lighter, and firmer. The size of your areola may also be reduced if you are dissatisfied with the current size. Breast reduction surgery is often considered as a way to relieve your back, neck, and shoulder pain, bra strap grooves, and headaches.

The goal is to give you better shaped breasts in proportion to the rest of your body. Myrtle Beach Breast Reduction Surgeon, Dr. Steven White, will reduce the size of your breasts to help you achieve a more comfortable and attractive size.

Our office is a self-pay cosmetic surgery center, meaning we do not file breast reductions through insurance, and you will have to pay out of pocket for this procedure.

Considering a Breast Reduction?

Too Much of a Good Thing

Breasts are typically considered to be a very attractive part of a woman’s body, but if they are overly large it can become a problem for many. If you are self-conscious about your breasts appearance and feel that they are attracting too much attention, it may make you very uncomfortable.

Physical Pain and Discomfort

Large breasts need a great deal of support, and they place a heavy burden on your back and shoulders. This can cause moderate to severe discomfort, including developing ridges at the bra strap area of your shoulders.

You may also find that as you age your posture is severely affected by carrying your large breasts. Not only does it become even more uncomfortable, you may also be more dissatisfied with your appearance due to poor posture and sagging breasts.


Improving the Fit of your Clothing

When your breasts are very large in proportion to the rest of your body, you will likely find it is difficult to buy clothes that fit properly and look great. No matter if it is a swimsuit or a business suit, having breasts that are more proportioned to your body will make it easier to shop for that perfect outfit!

To Enjoy an Active Lifestyle

Very large breasts can make sports and exercise extremely difficult and unpleasant, or even impossible. With smaller and lighter breasts, you can live a more active lifestyle and be more comfortable during sports and physical activities.

Enjoying an active lifestyle will help you achieve many health benefits, and Dr. White can help give you the body you desire.


Breasts that are Still Full and Attractive

Do not forget that at the end of the day, you really do love your breasts. After your breast reduction surgery, you will still want them to be roundfull, and beautifuljust smaller, lighter and more manageable.

Board Certified Myrtle Beach Breast Reduction Surgeon, Dr. Steven White will help you determine which procedure is best to reach your perfect size. You will likely feel more confident after the surgery, and find yourself enjoying activities like shopping for clothing, running, or playing sports – and all the other things you found it difficult to do with larger breasts!

A Change for the Better

You will love having smaller breasts that are in proportion with the rest of your body. You will be able to fit comfortably into clothing without the need for alterations. You will no longer have to avoid styles that you find attractive, because they do not fit.

You will enjoy wearing low cut shirts that you were falling out of before, as well as buying those cute bras that never came in your size.