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PRP – Speeding Up the Healing Process and Turning Back the Clock

What is PRP?

It’s platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and it’s a therapy that uses injections of a concentration of a patient’s own platelets to accelerate healing.  Using your own blood to help you heal, how about that?

Fillers, such as our Restalyne products, are made up of hyaluronic acid gel used to enhance or correct our facial structures.

Before and after PRP injection with several days of recovery.

2. What’s the benefit of getting PRP?

PRP is a form of regenerative medicine that helps in many ways.  One of the most common reasons why it’s used is to speed up the healing process with respect to wounds that are aesthetic and non-aesthetic.  In the case of this patient, it will help improve skin appearance to include color, elasticity and help generate/grow collagen. Her skin will be smooth, tight, bright and youthful as it heals.

PRP is often used as part of another procedure in surgery but also in a variety of non-surgical, med spa services.  PRP is very beneficial in facial spa services where patients are looking to brighten and tighten their skin for a more youthful appearance. 

3. Is there a lot of downtime?

It really depends on how PRP is used and what the intent is.  It can be used during a facelift for example or with microneedling, the Dr. Evil PRP facial and more.  How it’s used and how invasive the procedure is dictates the recovery time.  This is the case with any surgical or non-surgical procedure/service here in Myrtle Beach at Carolina Coastal Plastic Surgery Center and Medical Spa.

PRP improving the look of the lower lids

In the case of this this featured patient, her recovery will be a few days or less.  As you can see, she’s also not wearing any makeup which allows you to see what little redness she has following the procedure.  We recommend keeping the face clean and free of makeup as you heal if at all possible for best results.  Hydration is also key for the healing process.  Drink plenty of water and avoid over exposure to the sun while allowing your skin to heal.  This service can be done on a day off just before a weekend to look refreshed a couple days later.  Just 15-20 minutes can have you looking years younger.  Healing time depends on how and where PRP is used/performed.  The possibilities are endless!

4. What else is PRP used for?

Hair loss, skin improvement, collagen growth, smoothing out skin, pain reduction in body ache areas to include muscles and joints.

For more information about PRP at Carolina Coastal Plastic Surgery Center and Medical Spa, please fill out our contact form here on the website or call us: 843-448-9977.

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