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Ombré Brows

A.k.a., Powdered Brows

Powdered Brows, also known as Ombré Brows, are a semi-permanent eyebrow styling technique that creates a soft shaded brow pencil look. This amazing technique, first developed in Asia, has been around for decades and has been gradually improving over the years. It provides great definition and depth to the eyebrows. This technique is less invasive than microblading and is recommended for patients who regularly fill in their eyebrows with a pencil who are wanting to achieve a fuller look.

Benefits of Powdered Brows

Works for all skin types

Great for all skin types, unlike microblading, which may not work well with oily skinned beauties.

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Less invasive process

The ombre powder technique is a bit less invasive than that of microblading.


Also, this semi-permanent eyebrow styling technique is less painful than that of microblading.

Fuller brows

Your eyebrow will look fuller, more defined as well as dramatic.

Longer lasting

Ombre brows last longer than microbladed brows, usually up to 5 years.