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Masssage Therapy

Relaxation Massage

De-stress and unwind during this full-body massage that combines light to medium pressure with trigger point or deep tissue techniques in shoulders and glutes for relief from chronic pain, tension, and tightness caused by injury or overworked muscles. Hot stones and towels are used to warm the muscles after a massage.


Lymphatic Massage

What is Lymphatic massage? Lymphatic massage uses a series of gliding, compressing, stretching, and cupping motions over the body. The light rhythmic movements, applied without massage oil, stimulate the lymphatic system without compressing the vessels – allowing lymph to move easily through the tissues and lymph nodes.

How does it work? MLD follows a specific sequence over the body so lymph isn’t trapped anywhere, making sure every area is treated with care. The treatment derives from complex physical therapy techniques deep lymphatic drainage, deep myofascial release protocols, and other therapeutic massage techniques. It works to improve muscle tone, lymphatic drainage, circulation, and is used for the reduction of cellulite in the body and increases healing from surgery.

Shiatsu Massage

What is Shiatsu Massage? A Shiatsu massage is a Japanese style of therapy that uses acupressure massage and starching. This type of massage applies pressure through the fingers at specific points of the body in rhythmic motions. Shiatsu massage also allows clothing to be left on during the procedure.


Massage Treatment

60 Minute Massage

$ 70 Per Treatment Package
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90 Minute Massage

$ 95 Per Treatment Package
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